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How to Use

Yes, you can use Pura Pleasure with polyurethane condoms, which are odourless and transmit body heat, for a less rubbery experience!
Pura Pleasure is made from a blend of organic nourishing oils which soak in after use so it is perfect for use as a massage oil.
All the oils used in Pura Pleasure are 100% natural and organic. The oils are the most stable in nature and not reactive for the vast majority of people. If in doubt test a small amount on the inside of the arm before use.
Pura Pleasure’s organic oils soak into the skin after use, leaving behind soft nourished skin, so it is not necessary to shower after use to maintain skin or vaginal health.
As a lubricant and massage oil there are many ways to use Pura Pleasure. It can be used as a massage oil, and then if intimacy develops from there it can be used as a lubricant either for manual stimulation or penetration. As its edible it can also be used for oral sex.
Close your mouth and dry your lips.
  • Run a finger lightly over them, paying attention to how this feels.
  • Now, lick your lips.
  • Run a finger lightly over your moistened lips.
  • Notice any difference?
If you found that caressing moist lips felt more sensual, sexual lubricants can help you enjoy more pleasurable lovemaking - immediately.
Pura Pleasure Oil is made from 100% food grade ingredients so you can lick and kiss away to hearts your content.
It is entirely up to you about how much you use. If you are using it as a massage oil you will use more than if you are using it just as lubricant.

Ingredient Questions

The mucus membranes of the vagina are very absorbent and chemicals can reach the blood stream in a matter of seconds. The vagina also has to be maintained at a healthy pH and chemicals can disrupt this leading to infection and inflamation.
Pura Pleasure Oil contains the highest quality organic oils available. The oils were selected because they provide the most nourishment and safety for all areas of the body including ingestion.
Because these oils are the most stable found in nature they require no preservatives.
Pura Pleasure does't contain any:
  • Parabens (suspected to cause cancer)
  • Petroleum products
  • Glycerine (which can cause thrush)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Cheap vegetable oils (which can become unstable at high temperatures and go rancid)
The oils themselves have a neutral taste, however the flavoured products have a very delicate taste, and more of a sense of the flavours they contain.

Refunds and Returns

See our return policy
If you are not happy with Pura Pleasure for whatever reason please return it for a full refund.

Who is it suitable for

Please see our Medical Disclaimer

Pura Pleasure only contains certified organic ingredients. When pregnant it is even more important to use chemical free products so that these chemicals are not passed on to the baby.
Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause and makes having an enjoyable sex life difficult - perhaps even impossible. As well as taking other measures to balance hormones Pura Pleasure Oil can relieve the dryness and itching caused by menopause and allow anxiety free sex once more.
Many breastfeeding mothers experience vaginal dryness, related to the hormonal influence of breastfeeding. Pura Pleasure relieves vaginal dryness in a healthy and supportive way.