Are you tired of vaginal dryness ruining your love-life?

Hi! My name is Melanie Kay, and I have been researching and developing bespoke organic skincare products for over 10 years.

Allow me to ask you a question: When was the last time you had sex that was painless, effortless, deeply connected, heart-felt, and just an all-round incredible experience for you and your partner?

The type of sex where the both of you stayed “in the zone”, enjoyed unbreakable rhythm, stayed fully present, fully engaged mentally, emotionally and physically without being interrupted by any pain or awkwardness?

Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers. Experiences can be as widely ranged as the number of partners having them.

But there IS one and only ONE reality: That is how sex is meant to be, at ALL times, for EVERYONE!

About Melanie Kay

Melanie Kay

Having studied chemistry at university, Melanie has a good understanding of how commercial bodycare products are made & the chemicals they contain.

Her studies into nutrition began over 15 years ago. Through her extensive research Melanie discovered that one of the foundations to health is giving the body the right type of fats or oils. As the skin absorbs anything that you put on it, it made sense to translate that knowledge into intimate body care products.

Banish awkward, painful sexual dryness forever

If you are anything like nearly all my new clients who come to me for aid, chances are, vaginal dryness has been the bane of your bedroom existence.

You see, uninvited pain is to authentic sexual arousal and performance, what kryptonite is to Superman. The body suddenly contracts into itself, shrugs from the pain, withdraws, and totally shuts down.

You are suddenly interrupted leaving you disappointed that you’ve lost your drive and your rhythm, and your partner bewildered and confused by what just happened.

But that’s not where the problem ends.

Free yourself from worry and anxiety in the bedroom

Our bodies are like memory chips. They store memories, and not just in the brain, but deep in our muscle tissues as well.

As more and more of our sexual experiences wind up the same way, rudely interrupted by the pain of chronic vaginal dryness, we embed these rude memories more and more deeply into our bodies until the very thought of sex repulses and scares us.

And you know what? If that describes you, it is not your fault. Your lack of interest in sex is really your Subconscious trying to protect you from further pain, or even worse.

Yes, I said “worse”. The situation is actually a lot more serious than the pain you experience during dry vaginal intercourse.

Maintain optimal vaginal moisture and health

You see, the excess friction between the walls of the vagina and the shaft of the penis, fingers, or even sex toys, can lead to micro-fissures along the walls of the vagina.

Aside from being incredibly uncomfortable, these fissures are like fertile ground for bacterial and yeast infections. They can cause discharges and regular visits to the doctor, paving the way for easier transmission of STDs, to say nothing of unpleasant odours which only add to your insecurities and feelings of awkwardness around having passionate, uninhibited sex with your partner.

You DESERVE to have the best sex of your life, every single time you have sex. You are worth it, and so is your man.

And now, with the arrival of my discovery, this really can become your nightly reality!

Introducing Pura Pleasure Oil

The most potent, stimulating, safe and long-lasting sexual lubricant that also serves as a vaginal nutrient.

This is a totally unique, proprietary solution that I actually first created for myself and for my own use, and after experiencing the magic of Pura Pleasure Oil, I thought to myself: “I HAVE to share this. Normal over-the-counter lubricants don’t even come close.”

Pura Pleasure Diagram

Free yourself from the side effects of chemical lubricants

You see, first you have the silicone-based lubricants. These sticky, awful-tasting lubricants are petroleum derived, and are an absolute nightmare to wash off your private parts after use. But that’s the least of your worries.

Their real danger is that they block the natural pores of your walls, making it much more difficult for your cells to emit their own lubricants, and bringing about even more dryness over all! That is, of course, after the cumbersome process of having to successfully wash them off your body’s most private parts after use!

Testimonial from Emma Goodyear

Water-based lubricants are most often recommended, but not only do they dry out quickly, they actually cause even MORE dryness after they dry out, because their salt, sugar and protein contents are more than those inside the cells along the vaginal and rectal walls!

This causes your cells to lose even more water, and this brings about even more dryness!

Oil-based lubricants come with their own array of disadvantages. Some cheap vegetable oils used in so-called “natural” lubricants are not heat stable. They go rancid very quickly when they warm up!

This can create big free radical damage to your cells, as well as other damages to cell membranes and can severely interfere with vital fat-related process in the body.

And here is where my proprietary Pura Pleasure all-natural lubricant stands heads and shoulders above everything else out there, totally in a class of its own!

Here’s what makes this so different, and why it might just be the world’s best lubricant hand’s down:

Pura Pleasure is an all-organic, EDIBLE, intimate massage oil formulated from nature’s most coveted and rejuvenating oils that actually LASTS as a lubricant.

Testimonial from Sarah Moore

Know what this spells? You actually need to use LESS over-time, saving money while enjoying every minute of uninterrupted, passionate, luxurious sex while you are at it!

Each bottle of Pura Pleasure also contains a proprietary blend of KEY nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin and delivering vital nutrients. This helps your skin to retain moisture and remain soft supple and elastic.

Apply as much as you need, and watch dryness banish not just from your body, but from your mind, taking any and all worries of dryness, pain or itching along with it.

Your mind, body and heart are then set free to enjoy the the most pleasurable, luxurious sex of your life!

Only the finest quality natural organic ingredients go into each bottle of Pura Pleasure; ones that are NOT based not on water, like so many low-quality (and even potentially dangerous) commercial products.

This makes its use a completely different experience to inferior counter-top products people waste their hard-earned money on.

Superior ingredients give superior performance

But that’s by far not the best thing about Pura Pleasure Oil. There is one key ingredient that places it firmly in a class of its own: an oil so rich and lavish it was prized by Egyptian pharaohs!

Found deep in the protected forests of the Western Ghats in Southern India, and incredibly rich in antioxidant content and skin rejuvenating properties, Moringa Oleifera Oil is one of the most sought after oils for high end skin care products and cosmetics.

And I can proudly say that my oil comes directly from an ethical source. All proceeds from the oil directly benefit the families who harvest it.

I honestly can not wait for you to try and EXPERIENCE the Pura Pleasure difference. Its special oil blend is silky smooth, and it infuses a rich, satin texture into even the driest, most parched skin.

The delicate scent and flavour further enhance your experience. Only food grade oils are used, so you can feel confident knowing that Pura Pleasure is not only safe to consume, but to rub on your most precious parts! Talk about being good enough to eat!

Pura Pleasure’s luxurious texture pampers you like royalty, restoring your ability to feel at ease with your body and with your partner’s caresses and loving thrusts, freeing you from the fear of pain and performance anxiety. As mature women, I can tell you from experience that I have heightened expectations for my own physical pleasure, and Pura Pleasure more than delivers!

I want to make this your nightly (or even daily, impromptu experience) too!

This lavish liquid pleasure is perfectly packaged in an elegant 100ml bottle and is delivered right to your door in a discreetly wrapped package via first class mail.

Here are just SOME of the benefits of Pura Pleasure:

  • It eliminates pain, itching and dryness

  • It increases sexual pleasure and heightens sensitivity

  • Enjoy passionate sex free from any worry, fear or “performance anxiety”

  • Be free to be YOU in the bedroom; more spontaneous, more enthusiastic, more creative!

Use as much as you need of this lavish liquid, and suddenly a world of new sexual possibilities open before you and your partner! No time is the wrong time with Pura Pleasure!

In fact, I promise after you try Pura Pleasure your man will want you like he did when you first met! You will feel like newly-weds again. The intensity of the experience is that powerful!

“This is LITERALLY The Most Fun You Can Get From a Bottle!”

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you can’t quite get enough… Only problem is, your body only naturally produces enough for one go at things.

Well, Pura Pleasure gives you an all natural, silky smooth glide that lasts and will exceed all expectations for ANY marathon session!

Pura Pleasure will also:

  • Help you achieve more satisfying orgasms

  • Enhance your partner’s sensation

  • Eliminate post-sex pain and soreness

  • Leave your skin soft, supple and nourished

  • Replicate a natural feeling with a wonderfully lickable taste!

Testimonial from Jo McDonald

And imagine, all the above benefits, WITHOUT ever leaving you sticky, stained or feeling like you are in need of a shower! Talk about a double-benefit of not having to get up for a shower, AND enjoying supple, soft skin while you relax!

Pure and simple: Just imagine the sex life you’ve always dreamed of… and now imagine it ACTUALLY becoming your reality.

A heightened physical pleasure, the confidence that you’re always ready, no fear of discomfort or embarrassment, and freedom from worry about putting toxic chemicals in your body.

I know it might all sound like I am making way too many promises for just a simple bottle, but it takes RESULTS for me to be THIS CONFIDENT.

If you’ve read this far, then you can intuitively tell there is something better. Hopefully, like me, you believe you deserve better. I believe you deserve better. That’s why I created Pura Pleasure Oil.

So, what is it worth to be free of pain, fear and worry?

What is it worth to share a new, special level of intimacy with your partner?

You would expect that organic oils of this quality would retail for an extravagant price...

However, Pura Pleasure Oil (100ml) is available now, for a limited time, for a special price of less than £25!

And it comes in four lavish, thoroughly lickable flavours of your choice:

  • Orange and Cinnamon: This one adds an Arabic spice, and soothes and enlivens all the senses.

  • Lemon and Bergamot: Arousing and just delicious.

  • Lime and Peppermint: This is practically freshness in a bottle.

  • Natural and Unscented: For those of you like me who occasionally prefer your partner’s own delicious scents and tastes, there is the natural and unscented one

Testimonial from Nicola Kenyon

Be satisfied or your money back

Moneyback Guarantee

I want to show how totally confident I am in this product. So, I offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Pura Pleasure Oil, return it at any time for a complete refund. Even if you’ve used the entire bottle, send it back and I’ll refund your purchase price.

So you have practically nothing to loose, and every minute of enhanced intimacy for the rest of your life to gain.

There is a caveat, I get my ingredients, including the key organic Moringa oil, from ethical sources, and that means, the oil is extracted through painstakingly manual means.

This limits the supplies of this key ingredient available to me to make each bottle of Pura Pleasure Oil.
Once all the bottles are gone, I honestly do not know when the next batch will be available, and I’d hate for you to resort to unsafe, inorganic, cheap, potentially cancer-causing, infection-causing alternatives while you wait.

Start doing something GOOD for your love-life:

Made With Certified Organic Ingredients
Cruelty Free - Not Tested on Animals
Made Ethically

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